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Appleton, Wisconsin Saves $1,000,000 per Year

WAEE Chapter Meeting:

On July 25, Masters’ Academy was pleased to attend the Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE), monthly chapter meeting held at Appleton’s Water Treatment center.  The City of Appleton’s Director of Utilities, Chris Shaw, provided the chapter with an overview of their new Ultraviolet (UV) water treatment system, followed by a tour of the water treatment center.

The UV Water Treatment Project:

Appleton’s UV project is a great example of how this technology can be used to improve overall water quality while simultaneously reducing the operating costs associated with labor, materials, and energy. It is worth noting that water quality went from 99.9% parasite deactivation to 99.9999%, making this a true win-win for Appleton and those cities serviced by this water utility.

Cost Savings:

The City of Appleton invested approximately $5,000,000 into this project and is now saving more than a $1,000,000 / year (see chart below).  That’s a 20% simple return on investment. Pretty Impressive!

Chris Shaw WAEE Chapter Meeting 07/25/2018

Chris Shaw WAEE Chapter Meeting 07/25/2018

The Key Component of the Project:

The key to this cost reduction initiative was the installation of a series of Calgon Carbon UV water treatment reactors.  These UV units replaced an existing, energy and maintenance intensive, membrane filtering system. The original membrane filters required over 400 hp to operate.  Calgon Carbon has been a leader in the development and application of UV treatment over the past 18 years. 

For additional information about this project please contact:

Chris Shaw – City of Appleton,
Director of Utilities (920) 997-4200

LaMonte Wilder,
President Masters’ Academy LLC (800) 390-4366 


Special thanks to the City of Appleton Water Department:

Management Team
Chris Shaw, Joe Myers, Chris Stempa, and Mike Suha

Operations Team
Dave Kelter, Ed Valencic, John Pogrant, John George, Rich Fleury, Jim Nikolai, Tim Elchlepp, and Steph Lee

Maintenance Team
Bruce Weyenberg, Jeff Ohman, and Rich Kohl

Major contributors to the project include:

Calgon Carbon - UV Water Treatment Systems

CH2M Hill: Engineering and Consulting Team
Todd Elliott, Linda Mohr, and Jack Knight

WDNR Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Larry Landsness and Chris Linskens

Continued thanks to the Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE) Chapter for providing up-to-date information about real world applications of energy efficiency technology at their monthly chapter meetings.  WAEE Chapter meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month.  Please visit the WAEE webpage ( for dates, times, locations, and topics.

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